A few essentials for the comfort-loving, sun-worshipping traveller with a minimalist wardrobe. All our clothing is made from the same soft and absorbent Turkish cotton as our towels.
Turkish linen bath robe Quick shop

Hera robe


Cotton beachwear crop top with fringe Quick shop

Apheleia top

€28.00 €40.00

Turkish Cotton Hamam Bath Robe Quick shop

Chios bathrobe


Cotton beachwear hooded coverup Quick shop

Patara cover up

€28.00 €40.00

Cotton kid's beach tunic Quick shop

Corfu kid's tunic

€25.00 €36.00

Cotton kid's beachwear pancho tunic Quick shop

Mimoza kid's pancho

€20.00 €36.00

Cotton kid's beach tunic Quick shop

Aslan kid's tunic

€30.00 €45.00