A Turkish towel convert evangelizes

A Turkish towel convert evangelizes

We often praise the versatility of a Turkish peştemal towel. In fact, if you know us, you might regard it as unsolicited monologuing—sorry! We're fervent believers. So we're delighted when others share our passion and extensive use of these universally practical textiles.

No one has put it into words better than Susannah from The Foundry Home Goods. Yes, this is the laziest possible way to "write" a post for our sorely neglected blog, but we absolutely must direct you to her full post on their website, partly because she put our Ipek towel to excellent and varied use in Tuscany, but mostly because she's a brilliant writer. 

From her post:

"Small folding, quick drying, easy washing, practically indestructible, generously sized, effortlessly stylish... the Turkish Towel does everything you want done well on a wander. The obvious: a towel. For swimming and showering, for deeply spiritual experiences bathing in strange, beautiful claw-foot tubs, bubbling natural hot springs, and weird heart-shaped-motel-en-suites alike. But it also does the miraculous: riverside picnic blanket, privacy screen in populous campground, extra layer under a sleeping bag on bumpy ground/over it on chilly nights, seaside sarong, train pillow, laundry bindle, shoulder shawl for goosebumps during full moon dinner parties that stretch into the shivery hours, modesty covering upon entering sacred spaces—from Koutoubia to the Hoh Rain Forest, humidity shield for blown out hair in big city rainstorms, headwrap for smalltown apres-shower cocktail parties. Tablecloth, shade sail, changing table, babe fort. What can't it do?"

Read the whole article here: Postcards from Italy: a love letter to the Turkish Towel