Kinlake x Thalassa Home : on slow living

Kinlake x Thalassa Home : on slow living

Hello friends!

We took our sweet, sweet time getting this blog started, which perhaps is apropos, as the topic of this post is slooww living!

The creation of Thalassa Home was inspired by our time spent in the Aegean, and the lifestyle we experience there, still suffused with age-old tradition. In secluded communities dotting the coast and islands, slow living is the natural order. When we're there, the simplicity of daily life has the effect of reordering our priorities -- much of what we ordinarily spend time on is abruptly rendered superfluous and inconsequential. We are reminded that time is to be devoted, not spent; and that deliberately dedicating time to something imbues that activity with meaning. 

Distractions are ever-present, but we are trying to be more intentional with our time on a daily basis, to focus on building a lifestyle that gives us pleasure and purpose. Thalassa Home was a major step in that direction. We are so grateful to be engaged in the world of traditional craftsmanship, and to be sharing something tactile, practical, and beautiful. 

On that note, we are thrilled to share with you this video made by our friends @Kinlake. They captured a bit of their life on the island of Crete, where they make art and music, and are renovating their house into a creative sanctuary (GOALS, for real.) Our textiles make some cameos in their gorgeous scenes so be sure to watch closely! 


Home of The Soul | Kinlake x Thalassa Home from Kinlake on Vimeo.